Social inclusion



We address young people from the city of Bobo Dioulasso, aged between 4 and 20 years.

Our objective, in a highly deprived context and in a less inclusive social fabric compared to that of rural villages, is to offer tools for the development of young people’s potential and to direct them towards a growth of social inclusion.

The plot on which the relationship with the boys is woven is made of physical activity (currently capoeira) DSC_5283 and artistic (percussion school). Through them we compare and grow with them.

The focus is on rules, respect, dialogue, creativity, self – esteem and the enhancement of tradition.

We also help students in their studies aiming to limit school drop-out through support activities and scholarships for the most deserving.

Our desire is that, through the relationship of mutual trust that we are building, our children can tomorrow take the leading role in social enterprise projects that see us involved in the territory.

The activities are carried out thanks to the support of Italian donors and thanks to the funds deriving from cultural and solidarity tourism activities.

Why social inclusion:

problem: female illiteracy / possibility: work training and female emancipation

problem: 45.2% of the population under 14 years of age, low quality schools / possibility: involve young people in recreational recreational and school support paths with objective objectives


We have chosen and rented together with the African partner a suitable location for all the activities that are being developed in Burkina Faso.

The space is designed not only as an operative site, but also as a reception facility for visitors with a view to a cultural and supportive tourism that contributes to cultural exchange and the visibility of our projects.

The court is located in Bobodioulasso (cultural capital of Burkina Faso) in Sector 21.

The reception initiatives are aimed at people interested in visiting the country and its natural beauties, to get to know first hand the cooperation projects, to study dance and African percussions through internships conducted by the best burkinabè masters.